What Should We Do in First Dates?

Let me share about what should you do in first dates.. ^^ check it out :p

1. Do be on time. The last thing you want to do is make a bad impression on your date by being late.
2. Do make your partner fell comfortable. Trying to put your partner at ease and get him or her to relax will also help you stay calm and enjoy yourself.
3. Do be an interesting date.The worst thing you can do is show up for a date with someone and then sit there all night and talk about nothing, stay so silent that they might as well have eaten dinner alone. Don't make yourself easy to forget.
4. Do laugh at their jokes. Even if you're heard the jokes. Laughing along with your date will communicate that you are interested in them.
5. Do keep converstation alive. Practicing for the date can make all the difference.
6. Do be convident. Being more confident will help you get through that first date with ease, and let your partner know you're comfortable with who you are
7. Do take an interest in your date. Listen when he or she is talking. Be interested in what they have to say.
8. Do be yourself. You wont fool anyone by pretending to be someone you're not.
9. Do go somewhere unique. First dates don't have to be to the movies or restaurant. You will make a longer, lasting impression if you get creative

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  1. sibutiz mengatakan...:

    wach,pke bahasa inggris ya..
    pake terjemahan dulu ach....

  1. danupuspito mengatakan...:

    waduh.... agak sedih juga ne baca na...
    ane copy ke google translate dulu ya sob...

  1. Ladida's Blog mengatakan...:

    thanks friend . , it will make the first fate be more interesting . ,

    nice share !!

  1. Wayah Bangun Utama mengatakan...:

    wew.. jgn di google.. ntr gak pas tata bahasanya hehe... klo mau si q edit trus q tambahin lagi artina.. :P

  1. kisah abu nawas mengatakan...:

    salam sob..thanks for share
    kerja tepat waktu sangat baik untuk melatih diri

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